Anxious moments

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  1. In the run-up to today, the bride and groom had a bit of an issue with the seating plan, because they really couldn’t decide who to put where. So as best man, I offered to step in and help work something out. What we finally decided was to use the wedding present list, and put those who bought the biggest items nearest the front, and work it back from there. So if they can hear me at the back there, thank you to Tony and Sue for the oven glove.

  2. Anyone who’s been married will agree that the time between the engagement and wedding can often be stressful and it is easy to lose sight of the fact that you are working towards the most important day of your adult life. During this time the best man should be at hand to give a sympathetic ear to both parties and be impartial. One such incident occurred just before Christmas when Paul and Linda were trying to decide where to live. I spoke with Paul many times on this matter and try as I could to sit on the fence, I had to take Linda’s point of view on this; there was, after all, no way that Paul could expect Linda to move in with him and his mates.

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