Best man speech videos

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Breaking the ice

An opening line should set the tone for the rest of your speech. It’s clear from the get go that this Groom is in for a rough ride at the hands of his brother, and that any genuine sentiment is going to come with a sting in its tail.

“For those who don’t me, I’m Scott, Lee’s brother. I think it says a lot about somebody who asks their brother to be their best man…no mates.”

If you have a very specific relationship with the Groom then you should always make fun of this in your speech. Whether you’re an adopted sibling, cousin, ex-colleague or a hitchhiker he picked up off the street; every back story comes with genuine emotions which can be tapped into and manipulated. By mocking his brother you instantly get an insight into their relationship, and that is worth more than a thousand knob gags. Here’s another anecdote from a brother that lets you know exactly what kind of person he is –

“Scott actually had a difficult time finding his best man. First he asked the person he knew who was the funniest. They said no. Then he tried the smartest person he knew. No again. Then he pleaded and pleaded with the most handsome and charming person he had ever known in his entire life. And I said fine, I can’t turn you down a third time.”

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