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Best Man Speech Notes
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Speech Content Categories - Choose from thousands of roasts, toasts, tributes and jokes.
Light hearted icebreaker
Self deprecating icebreaker
Cocky icebreaker
Tongue-in-cheek roast
Formal icebreaker
Compassionate statement
Starting with a quote
Groom was your best man
Second time as a best man
Two best men
Best man follows groom

Helping the audience identify with you
Nervous public speaker
Single best man
Married best man
Larger best man
Skinny best man
Short best man
Bald best man

Explaining who you are
Straight-up introduction
Comical introduction

Specific introductions
Groom’s brother
Groom’s son
Groom’s father
Groom’s cousin
Bride’s brother
Lifelong friend
Childhood friend
School friend
College friend
Work colleague
Recent friend
Military buddy
Friend from twenties
Female friend

Words of welcome
With humor

Thanks and gratitude
To everyone for coming (sincere)
To everyone for coming (comical)
To those involved in the planning
To guests for their gifts
To both sets of parents
To the bride & groom
For being chosen as best man

Congratulatory remarks about the wedding
Beautiful bride
Wonderful occasion
Moving ceremony
Lovely bridesmaids
Excellent groomsmen
Estatic newlyweds
Groom overjoyed
Small intimate ceremony
Newlyweds are different nationalities
Same sex marriage
Fall wedding
Spring wedding
Summer wedding
Winter wedding
Catholic wedding
Garden style wedding
Jewish wedding
Muslim wedding

Wedding observation humor
Being best man
Writing the speech
Best man duties
Wedding gifts
Anxious moments
Bachelor party
Marriage service
Wedding cost
Bride and groom’s parents
Wedding location
The weather

Harmless fun at the groom's expense
Setting up the roast (Mild approach)
Setting up the roast (Take a risk)
Subtle insult
Negative flattery
Broad wisecrack
Full-on abuse

Character traits

Pre-wedding years

Likes & interests



Personal connection

Word search

e.g. 'brother'
Entertaining friendship reflections
First impressions of groom
How long you have known groom
Reaction to the groom marrying
How you met the groom
Being great friends with the groom
Story lead ins
Model storytelling

Showing admiration for the groom
Setting up the tribute (Straight-up)
Setting up the tribute (With humor)


Shared background

Emphasize a quality

Pursuits and interests

Career choice

Regard and affection for the groom
Fortunate to know groom
Happy for groom
Groom will make a fine husband
Groom is an inspiration
Always be there for groom
Groom's friendship means everything
Honor to be best man
Groom's noteworthy accomplishments

Complimenting the bride
Positive feelings for her
Praising her for organizing the wedding
Her positive influence on the groom (Sincere)
Her positive influence on the groom (Humorous)
Her qualities & character
How happy she’s made the groom
How lucky the groom is
Recounting the praise of others
Would like to know her better

Humorous version of the bride and groom's romance
First encounter
Made-up courtship incident
Marriage proposal
Meeting the in-laws
Parent's permission ordeal

Get ‘em laughing with a relationship roast
The impact they have had on each other
What makes them the perfect couple
How well suited they are to each other
Made-up observations
Groom’s aspirations for married life
The bride could do better
Initial thoughts about the bride
What they really see in each other
What they've gotten themselves in to
Reaction to their engagement

Praise for the newlyweds
What you admire most about them
Well suited couple
Perfect couple
Inspirational couple
Signs of their love
College sweethearts
High school sweethearts
Internet romance
Office romance
Couple married later in life
Different religions
Political activists
Long romance
Whirlwind romance
Know bride & groom equally

Optimistic thoughts about the newlyweds future
Your delight that they've found each other
A personal wish
Your belief in their matrimony
Your congratulations and best wishes
Your continued place in their lives

Humorous closing words
Tongue in-cheek advice for the newlyweds
Present an amusing gift
Read out a fictional telegram
Honeymoon aside
Dance floor aside
Thoughts about love or marriage
Amusing review of the day
Life as a married man

Sincere closing words
Poignant advice for the newlyweds
Wisdom from a married best man
Thoughts about love or marriage
Sum the day up

Wedding wish

Sensitive issues
Groom has a serious illness
You live far from the groom
Honoring a deceased relative/friend
Previous marriages
Newlyweds have children
Bride is expecting

Speech supplements
Wedding speech prank
Recite a cryptic story
Date of the groom’s birth
Date the couple got engaged
Wedding date
Bride & groom’s animal sign
Bride & groom’s horoscope
Meaning of bride & groom’s names

Cautionary topics
Grooms luck with women - Acceptable
Grooms luck with women - Don't go there

Lines to avoid
Overstepping the mark
Too explicit
Too cliché

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