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the world's largest collection of best man speech material

A week to go and no best man speech? Let save your time and blushes. Choose from our compendium of great gags, roasts and tributes.
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Speech Content - Choose from thousands of comical lines, straight lines, stories, gags, tributes, ribs and put-downs.
Opening lines
please-all icebreaker
laddish icebreaker
self deprecating icebreaker
cocky icebreaker
alternative icebreaker
nervous best man
icebreaker for a short speech
heavy drinker best man
large best man
skinny best man
bald best man
joint best men
single best man
married best man
groom was your best man
second time as best man
best man follows groom
best man first speaker
best man sole speaker
icebreakers to avoid
conservative icebreaker
sentimental icebreaker

Introducing yourself
humorous introduction
edgy introduction
sincere introduction

Best man's relationship
to groom

groom's brother
old friend
childhood friend
school friend
university/college friend
work friend
recent friend
house mate
friends in teens
friends in twenties
sports team friend
female best man
groom's son
groom's father
groom's cousin
bride's brother

Humorous wedding observations
honour of being best man
best man duties
preparing the speech
stag party
anxious moments
church service
wedding cost
wedding location
the parents
wedding gifts
traditional outfits
Scottish dress
venues (golf club, castle, barn etc.)
Groom character

cueing character assassination
introducing your subject
edgy put-downs
veiled insults
light-hearted ribbing
full-on abuse

Character traits





Shared history

Word search

e.g. 'brother'
Amusing friendship reminisces
being great mates
how you met
first impressions
how long you've known groom
reaction to groom marrying
cueing the stories
example anecdotes

Entertaining version of
bride & groom's romance

how they met
what gave their romance away
transformation of groom
courtship incidents
meeting the in-laws
marriage proposal
bride first impressions
response to their nuptials

Humorous take on bride
& groom's relationship

poor bride, lucky groom
mocking their choice
the challenge ahead
fictitious stories
relationship workings
why they are good together
how groom perceives bride
their marital hopes
Groom tribute
setting up the tribute
meaningful words

Personal connection

Groom's best quality

Friendship bond
what a great friend groom is
how groom inspires you
honoured to be groom's friend
privileged to be best man
delighted for groom
groom is great husband material
pledging your support to groom

Wedding day compliments
beautiful bride
wonderful day
lovely bridesmaids
welcoming wedding guests
small wedding
spring wedding
summer wedding
autumn wedding
winter wedding

Bride compliments
admiration for the bride
recognising bride's effort
bride's qualities
bride's bettered the groom
groom's joy
groom's good fortune
like to know bride better
relating other's compliments

Newlywed compliments
they are a great match
the model couple
always settle their differences
long romance
whirlwind romance
uni/school sweethearts
office romance
internet romance
older newlyweds
know bride and groom equally
Humorous closing lines
marriage observations
amusing advice
amusing presents
witty telegrams
honeymoon planned
disco to follow
comical review of the day
humour for a married best man
humour for a single best man
humour for a divorced best man

Sentimental closing lines
your belief in their matrimony
your continued place in their lives
your own hopes for their marriage
your congratulations & well wishes
insights on love and marriage
wise words for the newlyweds
sum up the day
words for a married best man

Thank yous
for the best man honour
for inclusion in the wedding
to all contributors
to guests for attending
to guests for their gifts

humorous toast
traditional toast
wedding wish
Irish blessing

Speech hooks
date hook
name hook
horoscope hook
story hook
visual gag

Addressing delicate issues
a deceased relative/friend
previously married
pregnant bride
wedding postponed/breakup
groom has suffered ill health
you're a long-distance friend

Lines to avoid
Groom's romantic history

Contingency lines
Joke fails
No or faulty microphone
Lost speech
Unexpected noise
Bad weather
Our content is produced by creative writers or originates from actual wedding speeches contributed from a variety of sources. These include our network of wedding videographers, our publishing partners and the speech competitions we run throughout the year. Our content is both current and original with new material being added on a daily basis.
Line Of The Month
"Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen. There are two wonderful people in this room who have made today what it is. What’s great is that as the day goes on, more and more of us will get to spend time with them. So please raise your glasses and join me in a very special toast – to the bar staff!"
Lines For This Week
"Spring is a particularly apt time of year for a wedding, because it is the season of rebirth – and I really feel as though (Groom) has been reborn here today. Which is lucky for (Bride), because now she can start his personality from scratch."
Classic Lines
See our definitive list of legendary one-liners well and truly enshrined in best man speech folklore.
Example Speeches
Explore over 100 ready-made best man speeches covering every conceivable groom, best man and wedding.
Speech List
Speech Templates
We have created 26 unique best man speech templates to help you tie your material together in a fun and entertaining way. Whether you have a lot to say about the bridegroom or just a little, you'll find a template that gives your speech a structure and purpose.
Template List
In The Media
"The real frightener for best men isn't the stag do, it's the speech. There is information on the net that can help you, but the best of the lot is As well as the templates, there are thousands of gags and lines to use. The site is a repository of reassuring hints."
The Sunday Times: 1 May 2010
'This versatile compendium of jokes and one-liners has been arranged by subject, so whether you want to talk about careers, cars or the groom’s outrageous fashion sense, you’ll never be short of an apt phrase or witty aside.'
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