They are a great match

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  1. When you see Paul and Linda together, you see what I can only describe as harmony. Their shared love of Sinatra, sushi and each other marks only the beginning of what I know will be a life-long love affair. If you haven’t had a chance to spend time with Paul and Linda, I really recommend it. Just give them a call anytime. Invite yourself over. Better yet, just show up. They won’t mind – right guys?

  2. It has often been said, “You don’t marry someone you can live with, you marry someone you can’t live without.” Of course, in this case, it applies to Paul far more then it does for Linda. Among other things, Linda is Paul’s alarm clock, personal chief, and suitcase packer. And this is just when Paul’s back ISN’T bothering him. Seriously, I think it’s safe to say that Paul could not possibly have found anyone who would treat him better. And Linda, in Paul, you are getting someone who will always be able to make you laugh, no matter what life throws at you.

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