Words for a married best man

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  1. Those of us who made the marriage commitment some time ago must continue to give this young couple the benefit of our years of experience. I would advise Paul to learn tolerance because we all need that in marriage. I would urge him to always consider Linda as his best friend and I am happy to take second place.

  2. Paul and Linda, what a beautiful couple you make. I look at you two and I see such promise and hope. There are those who say that the single life is the only way to go. They think the single life is more glamorous and a lot more fun than being married. But, let me tell you, having been married for six years myself, I can only assure you that the so-called glitz and glamour is all flash and no substance! As you leave the single life behind and begin the beautiful journey called "marriage" you will discover what the rewards of life truly are!

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