Your continued place in their lives

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  1. As I look to the future, I wonder how I’m going to get out of the car park to get home in time for Britain’s Got Talent. But beyond that, I think of how Paul and Linda will be starting life on their own, and I wonder how I will fit into that picture. Well, let’s look at it a different way, what won’t I be to Paul and Linda. I’ll tell you. I won’t be a bank. Good, that’s out of the way. But don’t’ be afraid to come to me for help. Just don’t ask for money. Anything else is possible. I mean that, sincerely. Just phone first.

  2. Even though they’re a “twosome,” I still expect to play an important role in their lives. It will be up to me to give Linda the space every woman needs at times during married life – by taking Paul out fishing, to the pub, for poker night with the boys. After all, somebody’s got to do it!

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