Humorous closing lines

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  1. The happy couple have received a number of messages of goodwill today from friends who couldn’t be here. It’s interesting to note that those from Linda’s friends and acquaintances are letters and email, whereas Paul’s are written on papyrus and wax tablets.

  2. I'd like to take a quick moment to personally thank those of you who messaged me encouragement ahead of my speech today. CPS Parking, whoever you are, your profound comments were truly inspirational. Thanks to you I feel so emotionally charged I really do believe I could 'move my car' with the right words.

  3. The best thing about doing this speech is all the positive vibes you get from friends and family. 'You're amazing', 'the audience loves you', 'the best speech I've ever heard'; these are just some of the compliments I'm hoping to receive later.