Best man speech videos

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Desperate to get the Bride’s knickers off

The tie is loosened and the top button’s undone. The gentle side-to-side wobble suggests that a certain level of liquid relaxation has been reached. The audience are warmed up and it’s all smiles… For this cheeky Best Man, it’s time to indulge in a peculiarly British wedding speech tradition, and roll out the smut. A golden oldie is wheeled out for an appreciative crowd in this classic clip. Just make sure any ‘dirty’ jokes in your speech are the sort that won’t leave a stain.


Brotherly banter

Desperate to get the Bride’s knickers off

Two weddings

Best man rap

Advice for a new husband

A timely best man joke

Wedding present joke

Breaking the ice

Signs of getting old

The subject of ex-girlfriends

A very proud best man

A deep friendship

Doing nothing

Tight with money

First encounter

When the happy couple first met

Two small gifts

One mean mother

Checking out the bride

A delightful older brother

The best man who straightened out his brother

Dishing the dirt

Trial run

My new best friend

On this day


A bride with two sisters

Stag weekend report

Tax purposes

Give thanks where thanks is due

A wedding wish from a brother


Father of groom’s first impression

Wedding day revelation

Contentious sibling relationship

Family responsibility

Sensible hesitation

Twin power

Listen and learn

Just the three of us

Classic praise great delivery

When I find that girl

Girlfriend rule