Best Man Speeches

Have you been charged with producing a speech that's sincere, sentimental and easy on the laughs? It's the bride and groom's special day, so if they've asked for a serious speech, that's what you've got to provide. The material here is brimming with praise and oozing sentimentality, which should keep husband and wife happy. At the same time, it's not totally void of fun. Phew.

An Idyllic Wedding Speaker

(A no-nonsense, complimentary speech which isn't exactly heavy on the humor.)

If you’re looking to cover the important bases (how you and the Groom became buddies, why he’s such a catch, and what a rosy future he and his wife have in front of them) with compassion and sincerity, this template will serve you well.

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Ladies and gentlemen, in keeping with the Bride and Groom's wishes, this speech shall be respectful, complimentary and sincere. Well, I think that's me just about done then.

A Career Committed Groom

(A Groom's work colleague shares stories about his selflessness, and commitment to his career and coworkers.)

If you first met the Groom at work, certain traditional Best Man speech areas will be out of reach for you. Tales of the Groom’s high school antics aren’t very plausible if you weren’t there to see them yourself. This speech uses the shared workplace as a means to explore the Groom’s personality with entertaining consequences.

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Paul, I remember when you first put a framed picture of Linda up on your desk at work. We all thought she was the model who came with the frame.

Compliments From a College Friend

(A Groom's college roommate reveals the Groom's love of music, his tenacity, and compliments him on his choice of Bride.)

For those wishing to make an optimistic, heartfelt and gushing Best Man speech, here it is. The Groom is a wonderful friend, the Bride is beautiful and both of them work great together. Of course, everyone already knew that. It’s the play it safe approach.

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It’s a true pleasure to be able to gather together to celebrate a union for two people who are just so right for each other. Listen to these two talk, and you can tell it straight away. For one thing, Linda always finishes Paul's sentences. Well, she always has the last word, anyway.

High School Sweethearts

(A fraternity brother talks about the Groom's devotion and the newlyweds' relationship as high school sweethearts.)

A college friend serves up some entertaining stories of campus life with the Groom, but goes to great lengths to re assure everyone present that he remained completely faithful to his high school sweetheart.

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It's wonderful to look out and see so many familiar faces, especially those from UCLA, where Paul, Linda and myself have studied. I know that many of you have gone on to exceptional careers. And I know that this year, Paul finally hopes to graduate.

False Confidence

(The Best Man relives a couple of memories growing up with the Groom. )

As you’ll see from the extract, this Best Man is brimming with false confidence. The aim is to present yourself as secretly jealous of the Groom and envious of his popularity, rather than come across as cocky or arrogant. The way to do that is to go overboard with unfavorable comparisons.

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Paul, it can't have been easy for you growing up in the shadow of a friend like me; handsome, intelligent, witty... I know some of you are now looking at my height and wondering if I can in fact create any kind of shadow at all. Well I can, alright.

A Groom Worth Marrying

(A very sentimental speech from a Best Man keen to convey his great admiration for his friend. )

If you bargained on bathing the Bride and Groom in praise (perhaps they've requested it) then this serves as an ideal template. An overly gushing speech of this kind however can quickly cause an audience to drift off. You have been warned!

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Paul and Linda, true love is not always that easy to come by. That's why when it is found, it's all the more special. I look at you guys, and I see true love in abundance. I love and respect you guys. And I truly mean that.

A Rejuvenated Groom

(The Best Man chronicles the Groom's personal journey from rebel drifter to new age hippie.)

A tongue in-cheek nod to the Groom’s rebel days fits perfectly within the scope of a wedding speech. Just make sure you keep it light, and definitely don't refer to any serious past felonies that may have been committed.

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It’s hard to believe now, but Paul was a bit of a tearaway in his younger years. In fact, he was a regular Jimmy Dean, a Rebel Without a Cause. Unlike Jimmy Dean, Paul didn't have his own wheels. He was in effect a Rebel Without a Car. But let me tell you, this man spread fear across Boston's entire public transport network.

Wedding Speech For a Star Trek Obsessed Groom

(The Groom's older brother provides a lighthearted look at the Groom's love of science fiction, as well as his academic accomplishments.)

This is an example of high-concept Best Man speech. The overarching theme here is the Groom’s love of Star Trek, which acts as a catalyst to explore his character. The big risk with this approach is that if the first couple of gags flunk with the audience, you still have to boldly go to the bitter end.

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When I asked Paul how long I should make this speech, he responded with a very specific answer. He said it should be like the skirt that Lieutenant Uhura of Star Trek fame wore; long enough to cover the essentials but short enough to get Captain Kirk’s attention. To be honest with you, I don't know how long I can 'Klingon' to this Star Trek theme for.

The Flattering Best Man

(A married Best Man points to the Groom's hard-working nature as to why he’s guaranteed a successful marriage.)

This isn’t the type of Best Man speech that will win you any comedy awards. It does however contain some useful ideas on how to weave in compliments about the Bride, the Groom and the wedding day itself.

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Linda, your taste is impeccable. From the flowers in the church, to the incredible menu we just enjoyed, to the string quartet we've been treated to all afternoon. Almost everything has been perfect. Paul, I can only assume that you were behind that choice of cravat.

The Last Man Standing

(A toast for a wedding on the West Coast.)

This speech contains some lighthearted pieces that are purpose-built for a West Coast Best Man who went to college with the Groom.

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I’m truly honored to have been chosen as Paul’s best man. I had to beat out a Marine, a doctor and a rabbi. It was a difficult competition, but I won by coming up with a joke about all of them walking into a bar. I'm not going to tell it right now, because they're in the audience.

A Same Sex Marriage

(The Best Man reveals the Groom's courage and adds his voice of support to the union.)

A handy (and sincere) reference for a same sex wedding toast.

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To say what an honor it is to be here tonight would be an understatement. I am deeply moved to be part of Paul’s wedding as he marries the man of his dreams, Mark. It’s about damn time. We have witnessed a phenomenal event today. A marriage between two men deeply in love. Something forbidden in this state until now. Remarkable, isn’t it? That love, of all things, could ever be against the law.

A Charming Groom, A Lovely Bride, A Risk Averse Best Man

(Here's a very safe, sweet and personal wedding toast. This works nicely if you’re looking for the approval of the Bride and Groom. )

This is the affectionate approach to Best Man speech writing. So if you’re looking at the task in hand as a means to inform rather than put on a show, this speech will help. Still, throw in some jokes for good measure.

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I am honored, humbled and just a little terrified to stand in front of all of you today. Paul has entrusted me to welcome you and to talk a little about him and his wonderful bride, Linda. I have shared an apartment with Paul for a couple of years, and let me tell you, he is nothing but charming. Even the way he snores, leaves the toilet seat up, and generally slobs about has a certain grace.

Kindergarten Friends

(The Best Man exploits his kindergarten roots with the Groom to slide open a window into his past. )

Don't want to veer down the funny path? Here's an emotional wedding toast that'll suit you just fine.

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May I have your attention, please? That includes the sexy, stunning blonde in the micro-mini who’s flirting with the band. OK. So that was a ‘ruse’ to get your attention. Now that I have it – I’m going to keep it for about five minutes – so you might as well relax and prepare to enjoy yourself.

Doctor and Nurse Tie The Knot

(The Best Man compliments the Groom on his career as a doctor, his interests in camping, and his family-oriented nature.)

Using a wedding speech to praise a Groom, or a Bride, on their career accomplishments is a strange choice to make. You’re not presenting them with an award at the end of it, after all. But if you find yourself in a very formal wedding setting and you’re stuck for entertaining things to say, this type of approach can fulfill the obligation. You’ll get a pat on the back from the Bride and Groom’s parents at least!

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It's been incredible to witness a man like Paul go from strength to strength. And knowing Paul as well as I do, I'm sure that however much effort and love he puts into his job, he will give twice as much to his relationship with Linda.

A Country Themed Best Man Speech

(The Best Man reveals the Groom's compassionate nature and juxtaposes his luck and attitude with his love of classic country music.)

This is a highly-themed speech, so it carries the danger that if people don’t understand the references they won’t get the jokes... approach with caution!

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Ladies and gentlemen, welcome one and all to this beautiful occasion. You probably know that both the Bride and the Groom have a thing for country music. I know that Linda wanted the first dance song to be Stand By Your Man. A slightly odd choice. Paul's was stranger however. He had his heart set on Folsom Prison Blues.

The Nostalgic Best Man

(An old friend recounts the Groom's passion for wrestling and bigs-up his selflessness.)

An overly nostalgic Best Man dissects the key events from his shared history with the Groom. If you think an event will induce a feeling of sadness then leave it out. We reckon, however, that this speech is right on the money.

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From the moment Paul smacked me around the head with a rattle, and I retaliated by squirting powdered milk in his eye, I knew we were going to be best of friends.

The Road to the Altar

(The Groom's oldest buddy paints the picture of how the Bride and Groom got together. )

A compassionate Best Man explores how the Groom ended up with so many skills and talents. Humor tends to work better than heaps and heap of sentiment, so bear that in mind!

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How did we all get to be here at this wedding today? Linda for one swears she was blindfolded and bundled into the limousine.

A Safe and Sound Best Man

(The Groom's childhood friend shares stories of growing up together and compliments the Groom on his volunteer work.)

This kind of speech ticks almost every box. It’s touching, optimistic and enough fun too. No risks are taken, so don’t expect a standing ovation. At the same time you won’t have to leave the party early for fear of the Bride’s father...

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Linda you're extremely lucky to have married a man as kind and selfless as Paul; a man who is renowned for his charity work. Paul, you're lucky to have found a woman who's agreed to take you on as her full-time charity case.

An Earnest Best Man

(The Groom's high school friend discusses the Groom's good nature and the newlywed's relationship.)

This speech covers all necessary bases. How the Best Man met the Groom, how the Groom met the Bride, how great you think the Groom is, how great you think the Bride is, etc. However, bear in mind that no one really wants to hear about your feelings and emotions; they want to hear about the Bride and Groom (and preferably something funny too!)

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Hi everybody, I’m Jason, Paul’s best man. But that's more than enough about me. Let's talk about the two people who really matter here today – Paul and Linda.

High School Reminisces

(A wedding toast you’d expect from a high school friend of the Groom.)

The high school is the backdrop for this Best Man Speech. The Groom’s neat freak tendencies are seized upon but on the whole he gets off lightly. If this option appeals to you, then read on!

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Ever since high school, myself and Paul were like two peas in a pod. At the time we both shared the IQ of your average garden vegetable.

A Fearless Groom

(The Best Man and Groom got up to some hijinks at college.)

Here's an easy-to-please format for a Best Man and Groom who got acquainted at college. It’s always nice to know how you fit into the story. Just remember, even though you guys are close, he didn't actually marry you. Mention the Bride plenty.

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Paul, in our time at college I've seen you do some pretty nerve-racking things. Like that time you sat that exam having done no revision whatsoever. Or the time you resat that exam having done no revision whatsoever. I don't think I've ever seen you as nervous as you were today. But then, I don't think I've ever seen you so happy either. Congratulations buddy!

Military Buddies #1

(The Best Man reflects on the Groom's outstanding character and the newlyweds' ability to go the distance.)

This is a fitting toast from a Best Man who served alongside the Groom; loyal, tasteful, but comical in places too.

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ATTEN -TION! And I mean everybody; military, civilian, invited guests and gatecrashers. Now that I have your full attention, AT EASE! Sorry, it's sort of ingrained.

Fulfilling the Obligation

(The Groom's sports teammate explains how the Groom has been a perfect friend, and shares his optimistic wishes for the newlyweds' future.)

If you’re concerned about a joke falling flat or worried about making the speech period, this kind of approach will fulfill your obligation and won’t leave you in the spotlight too long. There are some lighthearted comments rather than obvious jokes, a tale or two to show you actually know the happy couple, and a pinch of optimism to keep the grandmas happy.

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First, on behalf of both families, I’d like to thank all of you for being here to witness and celebrate the marriage of Paul and Linda, the perfect pair. I know it means a lot to both of them that you’ve come from far and wide for this special day. I haven't discussed gas expenses with them yet, but I'm sure they'll be happy to pay out.

An Indecisive Groom

(The Best Man offers his perspective on an intercultural wedding and plays on the Groom's indecisiveness.)

This is an upbeat presentation of a Groom who is not renowned for his decision-making prowess. If the Groom has a single discernible character trait, you’ll get an indication here on how you can play on it throughout the course of your speech.

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Sometimes Paul's indecisiveness works in Linda's favor. Example? The five different honeymoons he's booked.

'I Love the Groom' Toast

(This Best Man wants everyone to know just how much he loves the Groom.)

It’s a given that you’re the Groom’s best friend. However, some folks like to explain in great detail why that is. If you fall into that category, then fill your boots on this one.

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Paul you're seriously the coolest guy I know. You've married the loveliest girl. You're wearing the best suit. You're going on the coolest honeymoon. Can I at least get the biggest slice of wedding cake?

Cheerfully Optimistic

(A speech from a Best Man who’s over the moon about this beautiful union.)

Everyone likes an optimist. Look forward to the future happiness that the Bride and Groom are going to share together.

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Thank you all for coming, to be with Paul and Linda on the happiest day of their lives – well – one of the happiest days. They're going to Disneyland for their honeymoon, so that's going to be hard to beat.

A Church Going Family

(An older brother talks about the Groom's good character and his involvement in the church.)

Set on bringing religion into your wedding toast? This one's for you.

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It is a true honor to lift my glass to Paul, my brother, and Linda, my new sister, to say: Linda, welcome to our family, we are so blessed that God has brought you close to us, to love and nurture our dear Paul.

Romance at the Office

(The Best Man recounts the Groom's inter-office romance with the Bride. Tastefully, of course.)

If the Bride and Groom happen to have met at the office, and you’ve opted for sincerity over humor, then here is your inspiration.

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It’s wonderful that all of you could be here today to witness the pairing of two soul mates who happily decided to bring their work home with them… for keeps.

Tackling an Overachiever

(The Best Man exposes the groom's dependable and loyal side from a lighthearted perspective.)

If someone has it all (looks, career, charisma, etc.) they probably don’t need their ego inflated any more than it already is. But perhaps, like the Best Man here, you’re allowed to make an exception on their wedding day.

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Paul is one of those guys who seems to have it all; looks, charisma, intellect – the lot. Paul, I say this from the bottom of my heart, man: I hate you.

Bride or Groom Already Has a Child

(A gleeful Best Man celebrates the Bride and Groom’s commitment to parenthood.)

Here's a sentimental speech with a couple of gems in the event your Bride or Groom already has offspring.

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Paul, if you had fallen in love with someone who wanted a child some day, you'd easily convince her you'd make a great father in the future. When you fell in love with Linda, you had to prove it from the outset. Fortunately, you passed with flying colors! This marriage doesn't just enrich two lives, it enriches three.

A Recent Friendship but a Strong One

(The Best Man sums up his admiration for the Bride and Groom's relationship, though he hasn't known them long.)

A sentimental account of how this friend came into contention for the Best Man role despite not actually knowing the Groom a particularly long time.

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Good evening everybody. I want to welcome you to the wedding of Paul and Linda. Yes, I'm new to Paul's circle of friends and family, but my fee was very reasonable.

Military Buddies #2

(The Groom's military buddy talks about his compassionate nature and how well liked he is.)

This speech illustrates where to slot in the personal anecdotes and how to set up praise, if that’s your style.

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I had three responsibilities as Best Man today. First, I had to make sure the groom looked smart and respectable. I succeeded. Secondly, I had to get Paul to the ceremony on time. Guess what, I did. Third, it was my job to keep Paul sober. Thanks for listening.

Attached at the Hip

(The Best Man reveals a long friendship with the Groom, as well as their competitive relationship. )

A speech from a Best Man who’s been in the Groom’s shadow from the get-go. But remember; don’t use your wedding toast to settle old scores. It’s his wedding day, so he was best at everything.

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Paul and I were attached at the hip ever since we can remember. And we’ve always playfully competed to see who’s No. 1. That time we played chicken with drag cars at the edge of a ravine, for instance. Or that mortal duel we had last week.

A Spiritual Best Man

(The Best Man discusses the Groom's faith and love for his Bride.)

If you're a spiritual Best Man speaking at a religious wedding about a religious Groom, then this type of speech could be right up your ally. Be warned though, it's very easy to fall into the trap of being dull.

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Faith and love are two very important things for all of us. It brings joy to my heart to see those two qualities come together today in the tradition of marriage. Paul and Linda, not only do you love each other, you are loved by everyone in this room.