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Specific introductions
Groom’s brother
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Bride’s brother
Lifelong friend
Childhood friend
School friend
College friend
Work colleague
Recent friend
Female friend
Military buddy
Friend from twenties
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Specific introductions / School friend
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1 Although Jared and I have known each other almost our entire lives, we did not become best friends until our high school years. In fact, when we were real little, Jared would not talk to me because I was not one of the cool kids. And then when we became teenagers, Jared started hanging out with me because he realized he wasn't one of the cool kids either.
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2 I’ve been a friend of Bri since high school. I’m trying to think back to any day, or any time, when I’ve seen him as happy as he looks right now. Check him out sitting over there - doesn’t he have the expression of a guy who just cashed in his Google stock?
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