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Our members' speeches are wedding-day highlights, so whether you're planning ahead, or it's the night before, rest assured your speech will be a tremendous success. We have the largest collection of original, never-canned wedding speech material, and the only truly interactive Speech Builder designed exclusively for best men. We even have 75+ fully-finished Ready-to-Go Speeches that are searchable by Tone, Relationship to the Groom and Topic.

The ideal best man speech features eight parts:

  • Openers & Intros
  • Occasion Remarks
  • Groom Tributes
  • Friendship Reflections
  • Groom Roasts
  • Bride Praise
  • Newlywed Sentiments

Our Interactive Speech Builder organizes our vast library of content by these eight parts, with each part containing several descriptive categories and sub-categories to ensure you easily find the content that best represents you and your situation. Visit our Content Index for a full listing of the categories and sub-categories under each part-of-speech.

In the Speech Builder, you will visit each part-of-speech, review its content and add your favorite selections to the Clipboard. We'll even help you out along the way -- say you select a piece of content that speaks to the groom being your brother, at that point, a "Check Out These Selections" area on the right will proactively suggest additional content selections from other parts-of-speech that reference the groom as a brother. We'll also proactively suggest Ready-to-Go Speeches written from the brother point-of-view.

On the Clipboard page, you will find each of your content selections organized by the eight parts-of-speech, easily allowing you to see where you may need to pare back, and where you may need to find additional selections. Ultimately, once you've made your final selections, the Clipboard will present them in the order we recommend for optimal delivery, providing you with a speech that will entertain and impress the groom, the bride - all the guests.

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