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Why should I use TheBestManSpeech.com?

Feeling stressed about delivering your Best Man speech? RELAX! We'll make you look great, even if you've waited until the last minute. We eliminate the stress and help you get your speech right.

  • We offer the largest collection of online wedding-speech material with over 5500 original content selections developed by a vast stable of professional writers.
  • We offer the only fun and easy-to-use Interactive Speech Builder.
  • We provide professional tips and advice and many other resources to make you look GREAT!

What is the "Interactive Speech Builder"?

Our fun and easy-to-use Interactive Speech Builder helps you build your speech from start to finish. It provides all of the categories you need to cover in your speech and helps you search the database for the best-fitting content. It also features a Clipboard that will organize your favorite selections in the order we recommend for optimal delivery and flow.

As a bonus, the Speech Builder even features a "Speech Tips and Advice" area where we'll proactively suggest content that is similar to the selections you've been making. For example, if you select a piece of content that refers to the groom as your work colleague, we'll proactively present you with additional content options that reference a colleague relationship dynamic.

How does the Clipboard work?

We offer the only interactive Clipboard that allows you to create a one-of-a-kind-speech! After searching our extensive content database, simply choose the selections that fit your style & your relationship with the groom, and save them to your clipboard. You can add to, or delete from, your clipboard, you can link back to your favorite selections. And as an added bonus, you can receive an email or mobile text with all of your clipboard selections.

What if I am short on time and want a pre-written speech instead?

We've got you covered! We have over 100 professionally-written speeches for you to choose from on our Ready-to-Go Speeches page. And even here you will have help selecting the speech that most accurately represents your situation. We'll ask you to select your desired tone, define your relationship to the groom, and select from specific topics you wish to be covered in your speech. Based on your choices, we'll present you with the fully-written speeches that best meet your needs.