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Complimenting the bride
Positive feelings for her
Praising her for organizing the wedding
Her positive influence on the groom (Sincere)
Her positive influence on the groom (Humorous)
Her qualities & character
How happy she’s made the groom
How lucky the groom is
Recounting the praise of others
Would like to know her better
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Complimenting the bride / Positive feelings for her
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1 Linda is an extraordinary woman. Resilient and fun-loving. If anyone had told me Paul would find a woman who loves gourmet cooking, travel to exotic places and debating the merits of the Cardinals batting line up as much as him, I wouldn't have believed them. Yet here she is. You two are going to have quite a life together.
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2 I can’t imagine a couple more ready, more right for this blessing. And I couldn’t ever have imagined a bride more perfect for Paul – thank you, Linda, for bringing him and all of us such happiness.
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