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Get ‘em laughing with a relationship roast
The impact they have had on each other
What makes them the perfect couple
How well suited they are to each other
Made-up observations
Groom’s aspirations for married life
The bride could do better
Initial thoughts about the bride
What they really see in each other
What they've gotten themselves in to
Reaction to their engagement
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Get ‘em laughing with a relationship roast / The impact they have had on each other
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1 Since Paul and Linda started going out together you can see the great effect they’ve had on each other. Paul no longer swears at the television or burps out loud while drinking his favorite beer. And as for Linda, over time she has managed to lower her expectations and avoid continual disappointment.
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2 The pre-Linda version of Paul is not actually that different to the present version – both have been described as arrogant, cheap, and crude. And let's face it, one’s own mother is definitely the best source for such information.
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