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Get ‘em laughing with a relationship roast
The impact they have had on each other
What makes them the perfect couple
How well suited they are to each other
Made-up observations
Groom’s aspirations for married life
The bride could do better
Initial thoughts about the bride
What they really see in each other
What they've gotten themselves in to
Reaction to their engagement
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Get ‘em laughing with a relationship roast / Made-up observations
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1 You know, most girls seem to marry men who happen to be like their fathers. And after meeting Linda’s father at the bachelor party, it’s certainly true in this case. Maybe that’s why so many mothers cry at weddings.
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2 Throughout their romance Linda has developed many pet names for Paul, at some point you may have heard him answer to the call of “Paulpee”, “Cuddlebun”, “Paulybear” and so on. Paul has one pet name for Linda and it’s ‘Lin’. He’s had six years to work on it and that’s the best he’s been able to come up with. I suggest you do the name choosing Linda if you decide to have anymore kids, as well as the one you married today.
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