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Get ‘em laughing with a relationship roast
The impact they have had on each other
What makes them the perfect couple
How well suited they are to each other
Made-up observations
Groom’s aspirations for married life
The bride could do better
Initial thoughts about the bride
What they really see in each other
What they've gotten themselves in to
Reaction to their engagement
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Get ‘em laughing with a relationship roast / What makes them the perfect couple
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1 I’m sure you’ll agree they make a perfect couple. Linda brings to the relationship beauty, integrity, honesty, reliability and intelligence, while Paul brings.... um... er (check notes), ah, Paul brings his special beer mug and an old collection of Muscle Car News.
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2 Paul and Linda are the perfect couple. Of course, they do have their little scraps like most people, but never anything serious – and nothing three police officers and a team of paramedics can’t sort out.
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