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Get ‘em laughing with a relationship roast
The impact they have had on each other
What makes them the perfect couple
How well suited they are to each other
Made-up observations
Groom’s aspirations for married life
The bride could do better
Initial thoughts about the bride
What they really see in each other
What they've gotten themselves in to
Reaction to their engagement
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Get ‘em laughing with a relationship roast / Reaction to their engagement
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1 When I first heard you two were engaged, I was bummed that this may be the end to football Sundays at Matt’s apartment. But I quickly realized that I would gladly sacrifice wings and pigskin to see my oldest and dearest friend achieve this most excellent form of happiness. You two have a love for each other that is evident in everything you do. And I have never seen Matt happier than when he’s with you.
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2 When Hank told me Cynthia had agreed to marry him my immediate reaction was to ask if there were any firearms involved. “No,” he said. Hypnosis, I wondered. No, apparently she was in sound mind and implausibly wanted to marry him as much as he wanted to marry her.
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