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Humorous version of the bride and groom's romance
First encounter
Made-up courtship incident
Marriage proposal
Meeting the in-laws
Parent's permission ordeal
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Humorous version of the bride and groom's romance / Parent's permission ordeal
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1 Following the tradition, before they announced their engagement Paul went to ask Linda's father for her hand in marriage. He said that it was fine with him, providing Paul took the hand that for the last 20 years had spent most of its time in his wallet!
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2 John and Laura are two very traditional people, and so it’s not surprising that they had an old fashioned romance from the get go. When John goes out of town for any length of time, he sends Laura a single white rose every day that he’s away, to remind her of his love. When he proposed, he actually approached Laura’s father, and asked for his daughter’s hand in marriage. It was John’s way of thanking Laura’s father for the gift of his daughter.
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