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Specific introductions / Groom’s father
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1 When Paul asked me to be his best man I had a quick consultation of our indispensable old parenting book. It’s full of helpful advice on a variety of subjects including Potty Training, Cooking Children’s Meals, Dealing with a Screaming Baby on an Airplane and Surviving your Child's First Driving Lesson – but not one mention of having to be best man at your son’s wedding. It’s a real shame because had I known the requirement for this speech I would have made a note of all the ridiculous things Paul did as he was growing up.
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2 Today I feel like a double agent. I am, after all, both the groom’s best man and the groom’s father. A best man often likes to recall the most embarrassing moments from the groom’s past and expose some of his darkest secrets. A father on the other hand would naturally go to great lengths in order to preserve the good name of his son. And I think I’ve done a pretty good job of that. After all, Linda did agree to marry him.
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