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Wedding day compliments / Small wedding
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1 Just as the happy couple wanted, this is a lovely, small, intimate gathering of close friends and family – so could someone please tell me why I’m here. Oh, that’s right, to make a speech, so here goes …
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2 I wish anyone who thinks that ‘bigger is always better’ could be with us right now, because they would surely be amazed at the tremendous amount of happiness and joy that can flow from the right group of well wishers. We are all truly privileged to have been asked to be a part of such a warm and intimate ceremony as Paul and Linda’s wedding, I offer my love and appreciation to the bride and groom for inviting me to play a role in such a very personal gathering. I’m sure we all want to congratulate Paul and Linda on their very first day as husband and wife and thank them for giving us a day we will never forget.
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