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Sentimental closing lines
Your belief in their matrimony
Your continued place in their lives
Your own hopes for their marriage
Your congratulations & well wishes
Insights on love and marriage
Wise words for the newlyweds
Sum up the day
Words for a married best man
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Sentimental closing lines / Your belief in their matrimony
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1 I think the future looks very promising indeed for Linda and Paul. I don't imagine that they will always entertain in the style we are having today. I am sure though that their home will be equally welcoming. I am sure too that they appreciate how much we care for them and how glad we are to share in their big day.
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2 Paul and Linda, hopefully you'll invite me back on your 50th Anniversary to say additional heartfelt words about the two of you. The thoughts may be different then, but one thing is for sure… the sentiment will be the same.
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