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Groom tribute
Setting up the tribute
A personal meaningful tribute
What a great friend groom is
How groom inspires you
Honoured to be groom's friend
Privileged to be best man
Groom is great husband material
Delighted for groom
Pledging your support to groom
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Groom tribute / How groom inspires you
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1 Paul, you are an inspiration to me and those around you. As far as I am concerned, there should only be one best man here tonight, and that is you, because that description fits you perfectly! You deserve nothing but the best and I know you have the best and more in Linda.
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2 I have been fortunate and lucky enough to know Paul for several years now. To me he is and always has been a great friend, an ongoing inspiration, a power-house of quick wit and incisive perception, a confidante, and my bench mark for what is and isn't in so many ways. He's the man to call if you want some quiet company, he's the man to call if you want the party started, he's the man to call if you want the music played... he's basically the man to call.
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