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Best man's relation to groom / University/college friend
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1 As we gather to honour the marriage of Paul and Linda, I look out over a sea of familiar faces. Many I recognize from the years Paul and I attended Reading University. Their presence here speaks volumes about the kind of people Paul and Linda are. When your university friends travel thousands of miles to be with you on the most important day of your life, it can only mean one thing: free bar.
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2 When Paul asked me to say a few lines at his wedding - a few thoughts crossed my mind. Firstly, Saturday is usually my hair washing night. Secondly, am I really qualified for the job? But after much deliberation, I realised that few people would be better qualified to stand here right now and talk about the real Paul Wilson, because with all due respect to Paul's parents, I was like a mother to that boy at college. I watched him drink from the bottle. I've seen him stagger around naked. I've seen him crawl. I've dressed him, undressed him, cleared up after him, and the number of times I've had to help him walk!
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