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Sentimental closing lines
Your belief in their matrimony
Your continued place in their lives
Your own hopes for their marriage
Your congratulations & well wishes
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Wise words for the newlyweds
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Sentimental closing lines / Sum up the day
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1 There are not many best men who can describe both the groom and the bride as true friends, but in that I'm lucky. It is an honour, albeit a most terrifying one, to have been asked to be the best man here today. But I do feel a certain relief to see the end of my duties in sight, as I'm totally certain that Paul will never have any need to ask me to be his best man again.
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2 I must admit that my ordeal of being best man has been endured happily today, because seeing Paul and Linda united has brought it home to me what a good cause it has been in. It’s not only proud parents that are here today, but proud friends. We wish the happy couple all the happiness they deserve.
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